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Two piano performance 

MSB Artists concert


November 09 - Bremen,  GERMANY

recital piano,

main artists' concert cycle

Amphitheater Simón Bolívar

October 06 - Mexico City, Mexico

recital piano,

Diaz-Caneja Society

Main City Theater

June 01 – Palencia, Spain

recital piano,

Music Friends in Palencia

"Spans" Hall

May 31 - Palencia, Spain

recital piano

"Piano Podium" Series

Kulturambulanz center 

May 19  –  Bremen, Germany

recital piano,

Alte Druckerei Ottensen

May 12 –  Hamburg, Germany_cc781905-5-bb6bad5b8f5-31

recital piano

Focke Museum

Main Hall

May 04  –  Bremen, Germany_cc781905-5cde-3194-31b8f5d5

Piano recital, Live on radio

 "Quo Libet" show

Musikschule Bremen,main Building

May 03  –  Bremen, Germany



Two piano recital, Festival "Summer Ganderkesee"

Main city hall (with Stefan Lindemann)

August 18  – Ganderkesee, Germany

Two piano recital, Concert series "Musikschultag" 

Vortragssaal (With Stefan Lindemann)

April 07  –  Bremen, Germany




Piano Recital, Isauro Martínez Piano Festival No. 13

Main Hall of the city theater

December 06  – Torreon, Mexico


Piano Recital, Hall Beethoven International Piano Festival  No. 23

San Pedro Auditorium

December 05  – Monterrey, Mexico


Piano Recital, Bremer Haus Musikwoche Music  Festival No. 68

Imanuel Kapelle

November 26 – Bremen,  Germany


Chamber music recital, Piano-Podium festival, Trio Schönbrunn

Kulturambulanz  center

September 24 – Bremen, Germany


Chamber music recital, Lehrerkonzert Musikschule Bremen,

Schönbrunn Trio

Musikschule Bremen Postamt 5

September 23 – Bremen, Germany


International Autumn Festival Matamoros No. 25

Orchestra Soloist with the Camerata XXI Century Orchestra,

Concertos :  WA Mozart A Major kv. 488 and F. Chopin E minor Op. 11

Theater reform

August 24 - Matamoros,  Mexico


Conarte Concert Series,

Orchestra Soloist with the Camerata XXI Century Orchestra,

Concertos :  WA Mozart A Major kv. 488 and F. Chopin E minor Op. 11

CENART  theater

August 22 – Monterrey,  Mexico




Piano recital, Piano-Podium festival

kultulambulanz center

December  11 – Bremen, Germany


Two Pianos, Bremer Haus Musikwoche Music  Festival  No. 67

Konzert hall of the Music and Arts Bremen University  

November 27 – Bremen, Germany


Piano Recital and Masterclass  

Zacatecas University Concert Series

Great concert hall Manuel M. Ponce

July  13 – Zacatecas, Mexico


Piano recital, Conarte Concert Series

CENART Theater

July  09 – Monterrey, Mexico


Piano recital, Function Language concerts

Main Hall

June  29 – Madrid, Spain


Piano recital, Fundación Díaz, Caneja,  Classical Music Series

main city theater

June  28 – Palencia, Spain


Piano recital, Summer concert series

Eutherpe Hall

June  27 – Leon, Spain


Piano recital, Villa Sponte Concert House

Main Hall

June  17 – Bremen, Germany


Piano Recital, Hemingway Lounge

Main Hall

June  11 – Karlsruhe, Germany


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